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Tepe proximal brushes
Tepe proximal brushes

Tepe proximal brushes
G4113 - Tepe proximal brush pink
G4114 - Tepe proximal brush orange
G4115 - proximal brush red
G4116 - proximal brush blue
G4117 - proximal brush yellow
G4118 - proximal brush green
G4119 - proximal brush purple
G4120 - proximal brush handle & brush

The TePe Proximal™ brush has a long handle which was developed to make cleaning between the back teeth easier.
Brush heads are quick and easy to change with a simple push down, snap-in locking device
Clever head design also allows you to choose the most effective angle
Plastic coated wire to avoid damage to teeth and dental work
7 colour-coded brush heads (available in the same sizes as the TePe interdental range)
Handle & Heads available separately