Denman…Creating Hair Brilliance Since 1938

Denman…Creating Hair Brilliance Since 1938

Denman brushes are sold in over 60 countries and used by thousands of hairdressers, barbers and beauty professionals.

Known for their range of iconic hairdressing accessories including paddle brushes, round brushes, brushes for curly hair, styling brushes and combs. There is something for everyone’s hair needs.

Today, internationally recognised hair artists like Paul Stafford and Mark Woolley use Denman tools to create their innovative and inspiring collections.

Did you know that several Denman brushes are fully recyclable? When it comes to the iconic original stylers (D14, D3, D4) these brushes can easily be recycled in the household plastics recycling bin. It couldn’t be simpler!

Available in pharmacies and online nationwide starting at €4.99.

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